A. Cavallo Violins, LLC provides professional services in repair and restoration, rental, appraisal, consignment and education.

Repair and Restoration is done in-house by our qualified staff:

  • Setup
  • Adjustment
  • Restoration
  • Rehairs for bows

We must see each instrument before estimating cost and time necessary to complete each repair. Set ups, adjustments minor gluing, and rehairs can often be one-day services with an appointment.

A. Cavallo Violins, LLC is happy to examine your instrument for an insurance or market value appraisal. You must bring the instrument in to our shop or ship it to us if you desire this service. Please call us for an appointment. We keep a permanent record of all appraisals we write.

An up to date appraisal is crucial for all string instrument owners. Most insurance companies want an appraisal less than two or three years old, and want updates every few years.

Verbal appraisals start at $30, and written appraisals start at $75, depending on the complexity of the identification and assessment and the value of the instrument.

Instruments and bows of merit are accepted for sale on consignment.

Knowledge is a useful tool for our customers! We recommend that all customers familiarize themselves with the care and proper use of string instruments, so their investment is protected.

  • See the FAQ section caring for your instrument
  • We are pleased to give clinics to schools and organizations. Please call us to set up a clinic.
  • We are always happy for you to drop by for consultation and training. Call first to make an appointment.